Alcohol Burning Stove
The first group of images are the alcohol cooker that I have used for the past two years to scramble my morning egg with herbs mixed with Bacon Bits.
The first two images show the simple parts to the alcohol cooker, and how it all fits together.  The four components of this simple, but very reliable cooker is a layer cake pan, a one inch deep coke can bottom, a grate to sit on top of the layer cake pan, and a one quart size can of denatured alcohol.  You might be able to see on the bottom of the Denatured Alcohol can, there is a date written with a Marker Pen, it is 2-7-08.  That is the date that I started using this can of Alcohol; today's update on the alcohol cooker is 6-29-08, and it appears that I have about 10 days of alcohol left, so one can of denatured alcohol, scrambling one egg a day, does last a few days longer than 5 months.
In this image I  am holding a small shot glass, with 1/8 of an ounce of alcohol in it to use this morning for cooking my one egg with herbs and bacon bits.
In the two images above I am igniting the alcohol with an old long nose butane lighter.  The butane has been used up many years ago, but the spark still works, and the spark is all that is needed during Spring, Summer, and Fall to ignite the alcohol.  On cold winter days, with temperatures in the 50's or lower, you might have to use a match to ignite the alcohol.
The alcohol is ignited here, and burns clean.  It  is hard to see but if you look closely, you can see the blue flame.  It is hot enough to cook.
In the left image, you might be able to see the egg cooking in the frying pan, and the egg is almost ready to take off the flame.  I usually wait for the 1/8 ounce of alcohol to be fully consumed, that way the egg is fully cooked, and there is no alcohol waste. 
The last image on the right, is breakfast.  A cup of coffee made in the microwave oven, a bowl of corn flakes cereal, and some grits and buttered toast, and my scrambled egg with herbs mixed with Bacon Bits.
FYI,  one quart of denatured alcohol lasts me about 5 months and 5 days, and I have been using this home made cooker for almost 2 years now.  I do have propane in the trailer, but the tank is empty.  Propane is cheap, it costs about $10 to fill a 20 pound bottle, but when I ran out of propane, 2 years ago, I went on the internet and discovered how simple it was to use inexpensive denatured alcohol, which is available at any hardware store as a good propane substitute.
I still have my microwave oven to do some of the cooking and I also have a toaster for Eggo waffles, and toast.  Soon, there will be two more projects to have fun with, the first will be a kerosene stove top, that will burn with a white flame and have no soot.  I like using kerosene because it only costs me a dollar a quart (as lamp oil) at the dollar store, and then I will be rebuilding my solar oven, which uses no fuel, as a kind-of backup to all my other cooking systems.